Getting Involved

Showjumping is a highly rewarding sport not only for the rider, but for others who get involved in the managment side of the events.

It is HVSJC policy to continually provide training and development of officials.  As the club’s insurance policy is with Equestrian Australlia (EA), the club is obliged under this policy to only use qualified and updated Course Designers on all club days, both Training and Competition.  Judges must be a minimum of Level 1 for official competition classes and the club often uses Preliminary Judges for unofficial classes.  A Preliminary Judge is one that has attended training in Judging and is in the process of completing their practical components before becoming Level 1.  This policy ensures that the club and riders are always supported by adequately trained and updated officials with the result of providing members with access to modern showjumping facilities.

Assisting with the set up of a course is a great way to learn about course design. The day’s course designer (CD), begins by placing one pole of each colour set in the position planned for the course, with a directional pole and number.  Once the CD is satisfied with the positioning, helpers can then add the remainder of each set of poles on the ground in the same position (3 poles for vertical and 4 poles for spread).  The wing trailer is then driven around the course and wings unloaded at each set of poles, whilst the CD measures distances for combinations and related lines.  Cups are then added to each wing and fence constructed to the height of the first group (usually 60cm), including any fill allocated by the CD.   Practise fences are also constructed away from the course and these need to be flagged in the direction they are intended to be jumped.

Other tasks on training days include setting out pigtail posts and plastic chain for the boundary of the course, putting up gazebos for shade, picking up poles on course and helping with raising the heights between rounds.

The end of the day requires packing up all equipment used and returned to storage areas.  Riders remaining behind are always appreciated at this time of day as most committee members and helpers are usually getting quite tired!

Remember, that all helpers at any time of the day can earn FREE ROUND TICKETS for use on training days making quite a cost saving.