About Our Club Days

Who can participate in club days?

Anyone is able to ride at our club days as long as they hold either EA membership or HVSJC membership.
Membership to our club is available on the day or online. Click here for more information about membership.



Club days are currently held at Bradley Park (Maitland Polocrosse Grounds) at Rutherford.
Access is via Anambah Rd and is exactly 1km from the New England Hwy on the left.


What happens on Training Days?

Training days are informal days where a full course set up, but there are no judges or bells. This will allow the rider to complete a round without the pressure of competition, and help is available if a rider is having difficulty. Riders are encouraged to take the next step to a higher round, but still stay within their comfort zone.  Training days are relaxed days with lots of friendly banter around the arena.

Our training day heights are:

45cm (see below for information on 45cm rounds)
higher as requested by riders on the day.

45cm Rounds

In addition to the full course, a separate 45cm short course is set up and a qualified coach available to assist riders when needed. This is a great stepping stone for inexperienced or nervous horses or riders who aren’t ready for the full course yet.
Riders are encouraged to go on to ride a 60cm course after the 45cm if they are ready to do so.

Important Information for Training Days

It is important that on training days you come to the office to fill in your entry form BEFORE mounting your horse.
At the office you can arrange membership and pay for your rounds. We accept cash, eftpos and cheque payments.

Safety of horse and rider is paramount at the club and the Committee instructions must be followed by all those riding on the grounds.


Training Round
(HVSJC Member)
Training Round
45cm Training with instruction
(HVSJC Member)
45cm Training with instruction
Ground Fee
(per horse)


On some training days we run Training Groups held either in the morning before rounds or the previous day.

Click here to find out more about Training Groups and how to register.


What happens on Competition Days?

On competition days, all entries must be made prior to the day via http://www.globalentriesonline.com.au

Dress for these days is light coloured jodphurs and a collared shirt for unofficial classes (under 1.05m) and EA summer uniform for official classes (1.05m and above)

Competitions are run under EA rules which can be found here.


Volunteer Incentives

Those who assist with setting and packing up, or during the day are entitled to free round coupons that can be redeemed on any training day.  This initiative can result in free riding on training days.

A training ground is also provided for those interested in learning to judge, pencil and course build. Speak to any of the committee members if you are interested.

Everyone is welcome to join and to become a member of the committee. All input is most welcome.